something between a garment, a being, & skin

Here are views of Something between a Garment, a Being, & Skin, an installation of the Red Star Ancestor paintings, September 9, 2006.

For the installation the paintings’ wood & steel armatures had been set on small carpets in the parking garage of Vermilion Design in Boulder, Colorado. At the appointed time the processional began.Two troupes of performers, trained by the eminent choreographer Barbara Dilley, carried the paintings individually into the space, first passing them over purifying smoke at the entrance. They attached each painting to its armature with rare earth magnets. The processional was accompanied by Mark Miller on shakuhachi while Douglas Penick read his poem “Chant of the Wandering Stars” written for the occasion. The paintings installed, a reception commenced. At the end of the reception, a silent recessional began. The performers removed the paintings from the armatures and carried them out of the space. Like a conjurer’s trick, the site became a parking garage once more.

invitation card from the performance Something Between a Garment, a Being, and Skin.